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Integrative Medicine

Combining Complementary Therapies with Conventional Care

Our integrative medicine team treats more than just the symptoms—we treat the whole person. Our staff uses treatments from conventional medicine alongside a range of CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) therapies to help you feel healthy and strong. By addressing hormonal balance, adrenal function, nutrition, digestive health, and sensitivities, we not only treat your medical issues but also the root causes of your symptoms.

Based on your results, our physicians may recommend the following treatments:

Types of Integrative Medicine:

After a thorough nutritional analysis, our doctors can treat you with a custom plan of natural supplements to regain balance in your body.

Hormone Treatment

Bioidentical hormone therapy based on your salivary hormone levels can help you control vasomotor or menopausal symptoms.

Dietary Treatment

Conditions like lack of weight loss, inflammation and metabolic overload may be caused by food sensitivities you didn’t know you had. By testing for these intolerances, we can recommend an altered diet to help you feel like yourself again.

Probiotic Therapy

The vast majority of our immunol resistance resides in our digestive tract as “gut flora.” By supporting and leveraging these flora, our team can help you remove infections and toxins, repair and your digestive tract and improve digestion.

Adrenal Therapy

Adrenal dysfunction (either elevated or diminished levels of cortisol and DHEA) may mimic hormone and/or thyroid imbalance and cause carbohydrate cravings, unexplained weight gain, mood issues and fatigue. Through lifestyle changes and therapeutic treatments, we can restore your adrenal function to its natural state.

Lifestyle Modifications

Sometimes, simple lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on your body, giving it the chance to heal and rebalance. Our specialists offer lifestyle consultations through nutritional counseling, sleep hygiene education, stress reduction and more. We also take your environment into account so that we can address external causes that may be blocking proper metabolism of food and toxins.

Is Integrative Medicine Right for You?

  • Are you fatigued or anxious?
  • Are you irritable or stressed?
  • Have you sought traditional medical care and been told you are disease-free but feel less than optimal?
  • Are you bothered by irritations of your bowels, nausea, bloating or variations in digestive patterns?
  • Are your moods intensely altered by your menstrual cycle?
  • Is your body accumulating belly fat?
  • Are you unable to lose weight, or are you just not sure what to eat?
  • Is your energy pattern remaining inconsistent through the day?

Our integrative medicine services are available through the health professionals at St. Mary Medical Center's Valparaiso Health Center and Winfield Family Health Center.

Call us at 219-663-4007 to find out how Integrative Medicine can help you.