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Heart Research

Welcome to Community Healthcare System Cardiovascular Research 

The Mission of Cardiovascular Research is to reduce the rates of cardiovascular disease throughout Northwest Indiana through participation in clinical research initiatives within the Community Healthcare System, and by promoting the early detection and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Please note: The information on this site does not replace that of your physician. Always contact your doctor before making a change in your treatment. For additional information regarding the contents of this site, please call Community Healthcare System Cardiovascular Research at 219-703-1297.

Initiatives and Awareness

Cardiovascular Research offers public programs on healthy eating, women and heart disease, caring for your heart, medication versus meditation, healthy living, healthy cooking demonstrations, and atrial fibrillation.

Cardiovascular Research offers an annual spring symposium for physicians and other health care professionals. The focus of the symposium is to educate these professionals on the latest advances that have been identified in subjects such as congestive heart failure; acute coronary syndrome; carotid occlusive disease; peripheral arterial disease; applications for the 64-slice CT scanner; lipid management; metabolic syndrome; atrial fibrillation, vulnerable plaque, and advancements in percutaneous valve.

For Physicians

For further information on any clinical trial or on how to serve as a principal investigator, please call 219-703-1297.
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Patient Rights

All clinical trials have criteria that must be met before volunteers qualify to participate. Before you are enrolled in a clinical trial, you must be given all the facts about a study before you decide and consent to participate. This informed consent will include details about treatments you may receive and the possible benefits and risks. You must weigh the potential risks and benefits of the therapy, procedure or regimen before giving your written informed consent and agreement to participate in the study. You should ask as many questions as you need to before, during, and after your study.

Anyone who participates in a clinical trial has the right to leave the study at any time. The doctors and nurses will monitor your study treatment closely. If at any time during treatment a treatment is no longer in your best interest, you will be removed from the study. The study portion of your treatment will be stopped and the standard of care treatment will continue.

For more detailed information about informed consent, a good resource is:

You have the right to ask any questions about your treatment, clinical studies, research testing on blood samples and tissue, the potential and / or known hazards of a study and the rights of research patients at any time. If you have any questions about these rights, you may contact the Human Protections Administrator at 219-836-6862.


Those who are eligible to participate in clinical trials may face barriers. Many times, cardiovascular clinical trials take place at the university setting or at metropolitan medical centers. People who wish to participate in these trials are forced to relocate or drive long distances away from their family and supporters. Other barriers may be insurance, cost, or lack of education and understanding.

The Community Healthcare System Cardiovascular Research Department seeks to break down these barriers by making cardiovascular clinical research trials available in the community setting, so people can be treated close to home. Funding is used to help educate the community about the prevention, detection and treatment of heart disease, and the importance of clinical research.

Consider Community Healthcare System Cardiovascular Research Department when giving charitably. You may make a donation in honor or memory of someone, or simply to help the cause. Or, you may participate in our Hearts of Hope program each year during February - Heart Month. All donations are tax deductible.

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