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Regain Your Lifestyle

Helping Northwest Indiana residents achieve and maintain optimal health is among our top priorities at Community Healthcare System. Beyond providing world-class medical care, our hospitals and staff are committed to making health care, education, and resources easily accessible through a variety of programs and partnerships throughout the community.

Our website also offers an extensive Health Library filled with informative articles and links to help guide you on your path to wellness.

Business Partners in Health

Working with our Community Care Network of physicians and staff, our hospitals work with area businesses in providing on-site clinics, routine screenings and wellness packages. Employees benefit from an ongoing supply of health education, preventive screenings and early intervention of common ailments resulting in a healthier, more productive workforce.

Our Occupational Health Services specializes in preventing injuries and providing care to our working community. The program is supervised by board certified Occupational Medicine physicians. Our staff specializes in the treatment of the injured worker, disease prevention, and health improvement programs. We are committed to partnering with our clients to provide excellent and compassionate service and cost-effective solutions. It is our goal to help keep our working community healthy and productive.