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Family Birthing Center

Northwest Indiana Birthing Centers 

Having a baby is one of the most special times in life, and every mother and baby deserve the utmost in care. Whatever your birth plan, the hospitals of Community Healthcare System have a wide range of childbirth options and resources to support your unique preferences. Our accommodations and highly sophisticated maternity services are designed to make you feel at home. You will be as comfortable as possible during your stay, and your baby’s first days will be ones you will treasure forever.

From your prenatal care to labor and delivery to recovery, you and your baby’s health and safety are top priority. Our highly skilled team of obstetrician/gynecologists and specialized nurses ensure the highest level of care for your traditional or progressive birthing experience. We have everything close to home—from the region’s most advanced neonatal intensive care unit to water birthing facilities.

Prenatal Care: Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Our goal is to make sure both you and your baby are healthy throughout your pregnancy, labor and delivery. Through our maternal-fetal medicine program, we offer screenings, monitoring and treatment during pregnancy for women with special medical and obstetrical conditions. Our perinatologists also take special care of women with high-risk pregnancies due to variables like preeclampsia, multiples (twins/triplets) and preterm labor. The maternal-fetal medicine team works with physicians in other medical fields to counsel patients and ensure optimal care throughout pregnancy.

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Neonatal Care

Our level 3b neonatal intensive care unit has Northwest Indiana’s only team of neonatal specialists, physician assistants and nurse practitioners who are available 24/7. Housed at Community Hospital, the neonatal unit cares for premature newborns with the most advanced procedures. Babies in critical condition who are born at other Northwest Indiana hospitals can be transported to our NICU to get the care they need. 

We also have a Cuddler Program that provides qualified volunteers to hold your baby in case you can’t be there. And when your baby leaves the hospital, our specialists can provide ongoing support so that he or she develops into a healthy child.

Learn more about our neonatal care program on the Community Hospital Family Birthing Center page.

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding can be difficult initially for many mothers, but we’re here to help. Education is an essential part of our support. One of our certified lactation consultants will work with you during your hospital stay, and when you return home, to teach you the skills you need to breastfeed successfully.

Our hospitals also house lactation clinics designed to assist you throughout your breastfeeding relationship. These clinics are on a drop-in basis (no appointment necessary), allowing mothers to easily address concerns with our lactation specialists. 

Find out more about our lactation clinics on our Upcoming Clinics page.

Visit our Healthy Baby Initiatives page to learn more about how our doctors support healthy caretaking practices at our birthing centers.

If you would like to tour a Community Healthcare System Family Birthing Center, please call one of our hospitals to register:

Community Hospital Family Birthing Center: 219-836-3477, toll-free 866-836-3477
St. Catherine Hospital Family Birthing Center: 219-392-7900
St. Mary Medical Center Family Birthing Center: 219-947-6462 

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