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Diabetes Center of St. Catherine Hospital

Start with a Comprehensive Approach to Diabetes Care

At the Center for Diabetes at St. Catherine Hospital, our approach to detecting, treating and managing diabetes and improving patient outcomes has earned the Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission for Inpatient Diabetes Care.

The advanced certification is a Northwest Indiana first, and makes St. Catherine Hospital a top center for excellence in the country in the fight against the disease.

Quality diabetes care is delivered the moment a patient walks through the doors. Our team of specialists includes certified diabetes educators and nurse champions in the Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit, Family Birthing Center, Medical and Surgical Units. Together, they follow set procedures, blood-glucose monitoring protocols and treatment plans to help detect diabetes in its early stages and help patients already struggling with the disease regain their balance as quickly as they can.

Our center’s health care professionals work with you or your loved ones to develop a personal diabetes self-management plan that covers everything from daily living skills and self-monitoring to meal planning and exercise.

Our outpatient diabetes education programs are recognized by the American Diabetes Association. Here are a few of the programs we provide:  

  • Bedside programs for hospitalized patients: Patients are taught how to check blood-glucose levels, administer insulin or other medications and adjust eating habits.
  • Outpatient Programs: Ongoing education and support for you and your family are provided through a four-hour, bilingual program that explains the basics of self-management, including insulin injections, medication management, nutrition counseling, dealing with stress and self-glucose monitoring.
  • After-Care Programs: Once discharged, patients join this program to maintain their newly learned skills. They work with the center's health care team on an ongoing basis to set goals and continue learning about medication, nutrition, exercise and other aspects of diabetes management.
  • Community Education Programs and Screenings: We conduct additional diabetes programs for the community, such as Health Fair education, outreach to schools and diabetes awareness campaigns.
  • Retail Pharmacy Access: Should the need arise, our retail pharmacy will work with patients to help get blood glucose meters and testing strips for home use.


For more information, visit the Health Events Calendar for a complete listing of upcoming programs. Programs offered by the Center for Diabetes at St. Catherine Hospital are free. Call 219-392-7786 to learn more.