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Support Services

Going Above and Beyond for Your Care

At the Healthy 4 Life program, we believe support is the key to achieving lifelong weight loss success. We offer access to a strong support system to ensure that you lose the weight and keep it off…for life!

Post-Surgery Support

After surgery and medical weight loss, patients adjust to their new lifestyle with assistance from our team and the Weight No More support group. This ongoing support is as vital as the pre-surgery program in helping you adjust to your new weight. Ongoing participation in the program helps you continue to practice the skills necessary for a lifetime of effective health and weight management.

Educational Support

Addressing the lifestyle and nutritional issues associated with weight loss is an essential component of the Healthy 4 Life program. We help you reshape your life by teaching you ways to modify your lifestyle so you can develop a long-term, healthy relationship with food. With the support of a clinical dietitian, you will receive guidance on diet plans and education about food choices, as well as a personalized assessment of your overall nutritional status.

Behavioral Support

Psychosocial counseling can help you deal with the emotional changes that commonly occur after significant weight loss. A licensed clinical social worker from our program can help you tackle feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress and help you address the concerns that come with altered body image and emotional eating. The services of a psychologist may be enlisted as necessary.

Fitness Support

It is our priority to help you feel confident about getting fit. We recognize that you may need to begin exercising gradually. We offer a variety of classes to accommodate your unique fitness level so you never have to overexert yourself. Our caring fitness professionals can help you discover ways to increase your strength and stamina in a fun, safe and effective program that’s customized to your needs.