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Do You Have Atrial Fibrillation or Sleep Apnea?

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Atrial fibrillation, or A-fib, causes one-third of all strokes, and 27 percent of those occur with no prior symptoms. Strokes caused by A-fib tend to be more severe and to cause greater disability in patients than other types of stroke.

Sleep apnea is one possible indicator of A-fib. About half of patients who are diagnosed with sleep apnea also have A-fib. For these patients, treating their sleep apnea can also help their A-fib.

The A-fib/Sleep Apnea screening from St. Mary Medical Center includes:
• Wellness screening (blood pressure, BMI, oxygen level)
• 3-lead EKG
• Atrial Fibrillation Risk Assessment
• Sleep Apnea screening
• One-on-one consultation with a wellness nurse

Patient results will be reviewed by a St. Mary Medical Center cardiologist.