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Care Navigation

  • What we do: CHP trusts you will help coordinate the placement and cost-effective treatment of patients in our program. In turn, our Care Navigators will alleviate your workload by focusing on time-consuming tasks such as:
    1. Evaluation- This assessment, performed by a registered nurse, gauges an individuals’ support systems and resources and seeks to align them with appropriate clinical needs.
    2. Planning- The Care Navigator collaborates with the patient or caregiver to identify the best way to fill any identified gaps or barriers to improve access and adherence to the provider’s plan of care.
    3. Facilitation- The Care Navigator works with community resources to facilitate patient adherence with the plan of care.
    4. Advocacy- The Care Navigator is the patient advocate within the healthcare system. They assist patients with seeking the appropriate services to optimize their health. 
  • Who we can help: The types of cases targeted by our Care Navigation program include, but are not limited to, patients with:
    1. Complex care needs requiring coordination of multiple outpatient services
    2. Frequent inpatient admissions and readmissions
    3. Prolonged or debilitating illness or injuries
    4. Health education and benefits needs

When you refer patients with serious, complicated conditions to the Care Navigation program, you are taking a proactive step to ensure your patients receive personalized services that support their care.

We are always here to help.

To contact the Care Navigation Team: 219-392-7119.