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Pharmacy Practice Residency

PGY-1 Pharmacy Practice 
Residency Program

Community Hospital PGY-1 Pharmacy Practice Residency Program provides broad clinical training in a variety of areas. The goals of the program are to produce highly skilled and well-rounded clinical pharmacists that provide patient-centered pharmaceutical care, and that will be prepared to assume positions as hospital pharmacists or PGY-2 specialty residents. The resident will gain experience through a wide variety of rotations, teaching opportunities, and involvement in professional activities and meetings.


Required Rotations:

  • Internal Medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Critical Care
  • Pharmacy Administration
  • Infectious Disease
  • Anticoagulation Clinic (longitudinal)
  • Medication Safety (longitudinal)
  • Pharmacy Practice (longitudinal)
  • Major Project/DUE (longitudinal)

Elective Rotations:

  • Oncology
  • Nutrition
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Neonatology/Pediatrics
  • Advanced Medication Safety
  • Advanced Anticoagulation/Amb Care
  • Advanced Critical Care
  • Advanced Oncology
  • Advanced Administration
  • Others based on the interests and needs of the resident

Resident Activities

To ensure comprehensive understanding of hospital and clinical pharmacy practice, the resident will have the opportunity to participate in the following activities:

  • Complete a research project
  • Conduct drug utilization evaluation studies
  • Conduct in-service training for nursing/pharmacy staff
  • Lead journal club discussions
  • Participate in topic discussions
  • Write articles for the pharmacy newsletter
  • Assist in precepting pharmacy students
  • Lecture or teach pharmacy students at an affiliated college of pharmacy
  • Actively participate on multidisciplinary committees

Service Commitment

Establishing competency to function independently as a clinical pharmacist is an important component of the residency. While staffing the inpatient pharmacy every other weekend and on staffing weeks, the resident will review the appropriateness of therapy and understand the required monitoring for the various medications. The resident will be expected to be observant, think like a practicing clinical staff pharmacist and use the information they gain from direct experience of day-to-day practice to make practice decisions.

Application Process

If you are interested in pursuing our PGY-1 Pharmacy Practice Residency program, the following steps must be completed prior to January 6, 2020. All materials must be sent through PhORCAS to be considered. Please note that materials do not need to be sent all at once; you may send materials as they are completed so that your file can get started.

Submit materials to:

Community Healthcare System – Community Hospital
PGY-1 Pharmacy Practice Residency
ASHP Residency Program #42026
National Matching Service Program # 227313

  • A personal statement/letter outlining why you are specifically interested in the PGY-1 Pharmacy Practice Residency at Community Hospital, how you intend to use your residency training in the future, and what personal qualities you possess that make you a good candidate for a residency program
  • Three letters of recommendation with at least one from clinical preceptor, and one from an employer, preferably a pharmacist.
  • Professional school academic transcripts.
  • Once all application materials have been received, you will be notified via email.

Sign up for the ASHP Match:

  • You must register for the ASHP Residency Matching Program. Information about the National Matching Service and registration form is available through the ASHP web site:
    • Our program code is: 42026
  • For the ASHP Residency Matching Program to function successfully, all participants must adhere to the Schedule of Dates found on their website.


  • You will be contacted regarding an interview as soon as possible after receiving all of your application materials.

If you have any questions, please contact Sean Chantarapanont, Residency Program Director via email at Thank you for your interest in our program.