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Pastoral Care

St. Catherine Hospital Chapel

St. Catherine Hospital believes the healing process involves an emotional and spiritual, as well as physical realities. The Pastoral Care staff extends the health ministry through guidance, scripture, shared prayer, worship services, the sacraments and other forms of spiritual support.

St. Catherine Hospital is a Catholic hospital with an interfaith staff committed to serving the spiritual needs of all patients and their loved ones. Each hospital area is under the care of a chaplain specifically trained in pastoral care ministry. With your consent, they will be glad to notify your minister, priest, rabbi or other spiritual counselor of your hospitalization.

The chaplains are here to offer care, support and guidance in helping you find a meaningful expression of your beliefs during your stay. If you or your loved ones wish to request pastoral care services please call 219-392-7185 or ask your nurse to call the Pastoral Care department.

Sacramental Ministry

The Catholic sacraments of Reconciliation (confession), Eucharist (Holy Communion), and Anointing of the Sick are available upon request. Roman Catholic Holy Communion is distributed to patients in their rooms during their stay. Patients of other faith denominations who wish to receive Communion may contact the Pastoral Care Department so that we may contact your church or religious leader.


The St. Catherine Hospital chapel, located on the first floor across from the Vending Area, is open to visitors for prayer and meditation 24 hours a day. Visitors are welcome to attend chapel services. Patients may attend services with their doctor’s consent.

All Masses and services are televised on Channel 4 TV in each room. For a schedule of Masses or Worship Services, call 219-392-7185.