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Clinical Navigators

Empowering patients through care

Clinical navigators work with patients and families to help with many different needs associated with the health care system. Assisting patients through their course of care -- from diagnosis, through treatment and survivorship -- clinical navigators remove barriers to care to support better health outcomes.

Breast Health Navigators

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be a challenging time. Our breast health navigators are here to help make this experience a little easier for patients and their families. Often the first contact for patients upon learning of their cancer diagnosis, our breast health navigators can get answers to questions, provide support and assist with setting up appointments for services. Navigators serve as patient advocates helping guide them through treatment from diagnosis to recovery and beyond. At the time of diagnosis, you will be contacted by a breast health navigator to ask how we can help you. At any time, patients and their family members can access our navigation program-a free, confidential service of the Women’s Diagnostic Center.

To contact a breast health navigator at one of our hospitals, call:
Community Hospital Breast Health Navigator: 219-934-8869
St. Catherine Hospital Breast Health Navigator: 219-392-7346
St. Mary Medical Center Breast Health Navigator: 219-947-6835

Breast Cancer Survivorship Navigation Program

The breast cancer survivorship navigation program at Community Hospital and St. Mary Medical Center augment the services of the Breast Health Navigators. When survivors finish their active treatment for breast cancer, they meet with a Nurse Navigator with expertise in oncology care. The Nurse Navigator helps cancer survivors transition into recovery, and regain control of their lives. With coordination from a medical oncologist, a plan is put in place for each patient to ensure they have the resources and knowledge of what is needed for their follow-up care. The Nurse Navigator can obtain referrals, and answer questions patients may have about their ongoing care plan. This is a complimentary, confidential service provided by Community Hospital and St. Mary Medical Center.

To contact the Breast Cancer Survivorship Nurse Navigator call 219-836-6875.

Lung Health Navigator, Community Hospital

A board-certified advanced practice, oncology certified nurse serves as a resource to patients of Community Hospital diagnosed with lung cancer. Often, the first point of contact is at diagnosis or upon screening for lung cancer. The Lung Health Navigator helps guide patients and loved ones through the process, providing information needed for decision-making, treatment planning and coordination of care. An important part of this free service is helping to educate patients on how to maintain good health and an optimum quality of life after treatment for cancer and other diseases.  Once treatment is complete, patients are invited to participate in a “Survivorship Visit” for a comprehensive treatment summary and care plan that has been reviewed by the patient’s physician. Additionally, the Lung Health Navigator facilitates smoking cessation counseling. This is a free, confidential service.

Patients may request a referral from their physicians or may contact the Lung Health Navigator directly at 219-703-1614.

Oncology Nurse Navigator, St. Mary Medical Center

An Oncology Certified Nurse Navigator serves as a resource to patients of St. Mary Medical Center diagnosed with Lung Cancer and cancers of the GI system, including pancreas, gallbladder, colon-rectal, stomach and esophagus. From the time of diagnosis, through treatment and survival, the Oncology Nurse Navigator is available to help guide patients and their loved ones. Once treatment is complete, survivors are invited participate in a “Survivorship Visit” with the Oncology Nurse Navigator for a comprehensive treatment summary and review of care plans provided by the patient’s physician. In addition to supporting patients through the process, our Oncology Nurse Navigator helps educate patients on how to maintain a good quality of health following cancer treatments. This is a free, confidential service.

Patients may request a referral from their physician or may contact the Oncology Nurse Navigator directly at 219-947-6693.